99.9 % Virus and Bacterial Prevention Nasal Antiseptic

DID YOU KNOW: Most respiratory infections enter through the nose, and the average person touches their face and nose 23 times per hour. Each time we touch our face, we risk transmitting infection-causing germs from our hands to our nose.

NEXT LEVEL PROTECTION: Disease prevention is about multiple layers of protection. Combined with hand washing, face masks, and social distancing, NanoBio Protect offers an additional layer of protection designed specifically for your nose.

KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS FOR UP TO 8 HOURS: NanoBio Protect kills a wide range of germs that cause respiratory infections, both on contact AND for up to 8 hours after applying to the skin. It is safe for daily use by the whole family.

NanoBio® Protect is an FDA regulated over-the-counter skin antiseptic that incorporates the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride (BZK), which has been used in humans as a topical skin antiseptic since the 1940’s. NanoBio® Protect is similar in concept to a hand sanitizer but is designed for use on the skin inside and around the nose where germs frequently enter the body

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